The Early Warning Message

People In Need implemented a project designed to act as an early-warning system for farmers facing natural disasters which uses mobile phones and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. We were commissioned to produce an eight-page comic book and a scalable banner as an easy-to-understand guide of this service.

The Wedding Present

Minus 36 was commissioned to create this custom-made comic that was used as a wedding present. We worked with the client to develop a uniquely personalised comic book that tells the story of the soon-to-be-married couple, a highly original and unexpected gift that will be remembered long after the event has passed.

Threading the Needle

Commissioned by the International Labour Organization (UN) and Written by Nick Wood, this 70-page graphic novel is a simple life-skills guide which aims to increase awareness amongst young people moving from the countryside to start a new life in Phnom Penh’s garment sector.