Bong Pheak

Bong Pheak Bong Pheak is an employment service that aims to prevent situations of trafficking in persons by linking unskilled and low-skilled workers with available job opportunities in their own country. Client: Open Institute Script: Federico Barreras, Javier Solá Art direction, storyboarding, illustration, animation and post-production: Jose Encinas

My Dream

My Dream As we grow up, we often forget what our dreams were when we were a child. What was your dream? Are you the person you wanted to be? Please always remember that your dreams and voice are powerful! We were approached by Christopher Rompré from Little BIG Films to produce the animated parts on … Read More

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand This animation explains what the Department of Inspections for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) does and the reasons why its role is so important to creating better and safer workplaces in Bangladesh. Client: International Labour Organization Direction: Partizan Creatives Script: Nick Wood Design, animation and postproduction: Jose Encinas

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual Harassment at the Workplace Part of a series of animated short films for Better Work Vietnam, the aim is to better inform partners and workers in the garment industry on what sexual harassment is, how it affects the workers’ lives and how to prevent it.

I am bored

I am bored A short exercise for my students on lip-syncing. Made on Moho pro 12.

A Healthy Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle Part of a series of animated short films for Better Work Vietnam, the aim is to better inform young Vietnamese woman workers on what to do to live a healthy lifestyle – like: exercise, personal hygiene and regular health checks.

Food and Nutrition Journey

Food and Nutrition Journey A 3:30 minutes cartoon animation commissioned by (ILO) Better Work Vietnam and written by Nick Wood on Food and Nutrition for young Vietnamese woman workers working at garment and footwear factories in Vietnam.

Siam Botanicals

Siam Botanicals A Paper Cut-out style animation made for Siam Botanicals based in Bangkok, Thailand and selling worldwide, to promote their brand of 100% natural, chemical free hair and skin care products.

ADB Assistance Works

ADB Assistance Works We produced eight animations and memes that were inserted into live footage. The videos highlight some of the results accomplished by ADB on helping Asia and Pacific developing member countries to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life of their people.

The Disability “Smart” Company

The Disability “Smart” Company A whiteboard animation commissioned by the International Labour Organization in Geneva to support the ILO Global Business and Disability Network’s work in encouraging employers to better accommodate workers with disabilities.